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Flawless Med Spa is a leading female-owned aesthetic services provider in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The Flawless Med Spa team offers everything patients need to look and feel fantastic.
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Flawless Med Spa offers a monthly membership program that allows patients to pay for services over time — at special members-only prices.

For the latest state-of-the-art aesthetic services with convenient scheduling options that suit a busy lifestyle, use the online scheduler or call Flawless Med Spa today.

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Popular treatments at Flawless Med Spa include laser hair removal, tattoo removal, melasma and age spot treatment, double chin removal with Kybella®, wrinkle treatment with Botox®, facial fillers and lip plumping with Juvéderm®, and much more.

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At Flawless Med Spa, the experienced aesthetic care team fully understands that many women and men want to avoid surgery and invasive treatments — but they still want effective solutions for aging skin, thin lips, unwanted hair growth, double chins, and other aesthetic concerns. That’s why Flawless Med Spa is dedicated to minimally invasive treatments with no downtime. Results are impressive and fast, with no need for complicated surgery.
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