Laser Hair Removal For Your Nipples

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Laser Hair Removal For Your Nipples

You shave your legs & your armpits but your nipples? NO!

Let’s face it, the hair on a man’s chest can be sexy, but when it comes to a woman….hair on your breasts is just not something you want anyone else to see (including the person who gives you a mammogram!).

I’m sure you are thinking that hair on a woman’s nipples is rare…. THINK AGAIN! It’s more common than you might think. Here is the inside scoop.

Nipple hair removal should be done gently and carefully because the areola’s skin is thin, sensitive, and prone to pain. The procedure can be performed at home using tweezers or hair-removal products, but certified nurses at Flawless Skin Spa can also treat the area with laser hair removal.

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Common Types of Hair Removal

Shaving is not recommended, as an accident with a razor can cause serious injury to the nipple. Individuals should gauge the thinness or thickness of their nipple hair; thicker hair should be removed by professionals. Regardless of which method is chosen, all best tips for nipple hair removal involve preparing the skin for the process.

The use of tweezers is a quick and affordable way to get rid of unwanted hair. Dipping the tweezers in rubbing alcohol helps eliminate bacteria, while a magnifying mirror helps individuals see the hair better. Hair should be grabbed between the flat ends of the tweezers and pulled quickly and firmly in the same direction it grows. For cleaner results, nipple hairs should be removed one at a time.

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About Laser Hair Removal for Nipple Hair Removal

When prepping the skin for laser hair removal, the area should be disinfected with rubbing alcohol, and any nipple piercings should be removed. Experts recommend that individuals dip a cotton ball or washcloth in warm water and apply it onto the skin for two or three minutes to make hair follicles expand, allowing for smooth and quick hair removal. The area should be patted dry prior to removal.

As for laser hair removal, the nurses at Flawless Skin Spa can remove those unwanted hairs for $35 a month. You can join our Flawless Laser Hair membership, pay $35/month for 12 months and get 8 treatments. At the end, you will be free of Nipple Hair Anxiety.

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