Let’s Resolute to not have Resolutions!

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Let’s Resolute to not have Resolutions!

Reality check: most people do not keep their New Year’s Resolutions.

According to studies only 8% of people who make them, keep them. So…why are New Year’s resolutions so unsuccessful? For starters, people make unrealistic promises. They try to achieve something that may be too difficult to achieve, without help or research: setting themselves up for failure. The study also shows that most resolutions are made half-heartedly with no real intention of being kept. This is the graveyard of NYE resolutions, but the intent of bettering one’s self has value.

Does making a New Year’s resolution really make us feel better, or improve our health? Maybe for some, but generally it adds more stress. Let’s focus on the positive this year: be better, be kinder, and better ourselves. If weight loss is the goal, than set that goal and make a plan for it. If you want to drink less, work less, quit smoking, sleep more: then be realistic about how you need to achieve that goal, and make a plan. MAKE A PLAN. Drop the magazine. Consult a trainer. See a Flawless rep. Let’s do this!

Resolutions? This year I don’t make any resolutions. I will live a life filled with love and laughter and be genuinely happy, healthy: and strive to be flawless, and forgive myself when I’m not. Happy 2015 everyone! Melissa

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